Cooperation Negotiating Commissioner, Language Teacher, Art Teacher

Salva nei preferiti Preferito
Compenso: 1000-1500 euro
Azienda:  Beijing Modern Music & Art College
Contratto:  stage o tirocinio
Disponibilità:  full time
Sede di lavoro: Beijing, Tianjin, Xiamen, Hong Kong
1. Cooperation Negotiating Commissioner

01. being the interpreter during the meetings and conferences, translating the relevant documents and so on,
02. contacting with domestic and foreign schools and seeking for cooperation possibilities,
03. applying for multinational cooperation of branch school establishment of foreign schools from the Chinese Education Ministry

01. being familiar with negotiation skills
02. with great expression and communication ability
03. being familiar with at least 2 languages
04. being patient, flexibility, responsible, and with team work spirit
05. relevant experience prefer (no experience candidate will enjoy free training)

2. Art teacher

01. teaching students painting, required teachers are good at no less than one of the painting style (sketch, freehand sketching, oil painting, cartoon, illustration and so on).
02. Could provide students professional painting knowledge, and could set up courses according to students condition.

01. patient, responsible, team work spirit, expression ability
02. with great professional knowledge, and artistic capacity
03. have known about art examination training, prefer teaching experience

3. Language teacher

01. teaching foreign languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian) for foundation knowledge students
02. could provide students professional language knowledge, especially the speaking part and could set up courses according to students condition.
03. attending the course arrangement meetings each week, doing the report and work plan on time

04. patient, responsible, team work spirit, expression ability
05. with great professional knowledge
06. have known about professional language examination training, prefer teaching experience

01. Accommodation provided
02. Work for more than three months, our school is responsible for reimbursement of half of the international air tickets
03. 15 days of free training of Chinese and sightseeing tour provided

This is a 3month - 6month internship position, it is a chance for you to have a good experience in China, to enjoy the Chinese culture, to gain more work skills, to widen your horizon, and to make money at the same time. If you have a good performance and we do appreciate your work here, we would like to have 1-2 years formal work contract with you after the internship!

Internship working hours: (5hours/day, 4days/week)
Allowance for teacher:
800.00euro/M - 1100.00euro/M
Allowance for commissioner: (related to the bonus)
800.00euro/M - 1200.00euro/M

Salary after internship: (8hours/day, 5days/week)
Salary for teacher: (related to the teaching hours)
1000.00 euro/M - 1300.00 euro/M
Salary for commissioner: (related to the bonus)
1000.00 euro/M - 1500.00 euro/M
If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us at
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